Flirt with boss for a hike

This article was last updated on June 18, 2022

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One in five Brit employees won’t mind flirting with their boss to get a pay raise or promotion, a new survey has revealed.

According to survey by an online dating agency Parship, men are more likely than their female colleagues to enter into a little sexual playfulness with women bosses. While 19 per cent of women admitted that they will use their charms to move ahead, 25 per cent of men said that they were also willing to try it.

While on one hand, over a third of men are actually attracted to their female superiors – finding them intelligent, confident, open-minded and honest, articulate, humorous and brimming with a can-do attitude.

On the other hand, only 17 per cent of women agreed to fancying their male bosses, a few even described them as ruthless, domineering know-it-alls. The survey showed that male employees were more in favour of an office romance with 57 per cent saying they would definitely date a colleague.

However, only 15 per cent of women seem to think it is okay. “Perhaps women have learned through bitter experience that using one’s sex appeal to get ahead at work can backfire,” the Daily Star quoted psychologist Dr Nafsika Thalassis, Parship’s “singles coach”, as saying: “Women who flirt with the boss risk having their bluff called. They are more likely to realise that flirting to get ahead will be disapproved of by colleagues. Men are less concerned that flirting will result in being cornered by their boss.

“But they should be wary – hell hath no fury like a woman scorned!

“The fun of flirting lies in its maybe-I-mean-it, maybe-I-don’t playfulness, but it is often better to conduct relationships with absolute clarity,” she added.

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