3 tips that guarantee ultimate pleasure

This article was last updated on June 18, 2022

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Sex needs to be spontaneous and only then does it completely fulfill and please one. Here are three steps that will guarantee ultimate sexual pleasure.

Don’t try too hard: When it comes to great sex, be natural. Trying too hard will make the process harder as no matter how hard you try to curb it, you will let your partner know that you are trying too hard. This is especially true for men who think if he doesn’t try variety, the girl won’t enjoy the sack session. So he might just try to pull off tricks that might actually turn her off, since she would realize he is not really into the act.

Don’t think too much: There is the concept of Gourmet sex, which is touted to be the most fulfilling and satisfying form of sex. It basically means having sex with a free and easy mind and allowing it to be a satisfying experience. Bed is definitely not the place to think. This especially involves women who are extremely self-conscious of their image. While into the act, she is more busy thinking how the guy will react, or is she looking fat. This kind of stuff will pull you out of the moment and get you into a negative spiral where you become sexually ineffective.

Go for simple moves: Great sex is all about simple moves, done in the right manner at the right time. Yes, you have seen a lot of porn and read a lot of stuff and are highly educated on the variety of postures that a couple can enjoy. Wait a while before putting them to action. Good sex is about learning to feel not just with your hands, but with your fingertips too. It’s not just being in-tune with her screams, but even to her breathing.

Do not aim at sexual perfection because no such thing exists. Just go with the flow and enjoy the experience.

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