Married Life Lost in Translation

Very few actually know that marriage comes with its own language. It’s the epitome of delicate and finite balance where a great deal can go wrong in translation.

For instance, if we were talking about some one we met and I was to say ‘Yeah, you're right. Then again, at least she’s not self-centered.’ That some how is interpreted as ‘At least she’s not self-centered like you.’ Notice how the ‘Like you’ was never actually mentioned but managed to wiggle itself in, between my mouth and her ears. 
Elaborating further, the other day I noticed a pair of my Ray-Ban’s had been stolen. The loss was disappointing so I tried to numb the pain by expressing that, ‘it wasn’t a monetary loss as they were a gift.’ What my wife heard was ‘It’s ok, an Ex gave them to me.’
Two years in, the language of marriage still remains a mystery to me and perhaps I’ll never grasp it fully but what I have learned is that every marriage should come with a personal stenographer!
Marriage Tip 48: Note what you say otherwise you have no proof to back yourself later!
Welcome to our translated married life. 

About the author:
Born in Africa, Chandru grew up between Nigeria, India and the UK. With a Masters in International Business from the University of Westminster, he moved to New York where he worked as a Business Development Manager for three years. In 2002, he returned to Nigeria where he currently resides and runs a trading company. Chandru has been writing for Beyond Sindh ( since 2004 and has published numerous articles in the quarterly publication. His story entitled ‘The Love Letter' won the Mirage Book short story contest and was published in an anthology titled Inner Voices in January 2009. His short story ‘Zero’ is scheduled to be published in the anthology Indian Voices towards the end of 2010.
In December 2009, Chandru’s first novel, ‘The Journey of Om’ was published in India by Cedar Books.
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