Be a Calm(er) Mom

High Alerts to Not to Be a Calmer Mom:

Lack of calmness in parents and showing the anger in front of kids can make their children more violent, destructive and depressive. Studies have proved that immediate and continuous anger shown by the parents damage the personality of children. Children can grow up with two types of personalities in them with the Continuous and sudden annoyance of the parents that are as follows.

Continuous and Sudden Annoyance can cause Lack of confidence Level in children:

Some children become scarier and lose their confidence level by continuous annoyance of the parents. They will feel hesitation to take any small and single step by thinking that “might be I am again doing wrong”.  Fear, panic and depression will be the part of their growing personality and can forget the actual meaning of calmness and peace.

Continuous Annoyance can make them more Aggressive:

Your kids become more aggressive and violent. Your anger will not affect anymore on them. Your kids will no longer know the meaning of calm and peaceful behaviors.

Your friendly acts to be a Calmer Mom:

Life with kids is so tricky and challenging and to win this challenge is to be a best friend of calmness and peace. Being a calmer mom can save you and your kids from many long problems.

Avoid showing sudden Anger to your Baby:

Everyone learns with mistakes. Don’t possess your other responsibilities irritation on kid’s smaller mistake. Also avoid shrieking at your child in front of other people. If they make mistakes, take them aside, show your anger slowly. Make them realize that you are not happy with his act. This is simplest trick to warn your kid with calmness. 

Friendly simplify your kid’s mistake:

The easy way to be a calmer mom is your friendship with your kids. Give them feel that you are best friend of them. Don’t strictly impose everything all the time. Give them some space to act naturally and express them that you are enjoying their activity.

Tips to be a calmer Mom:
– To become a calmer mom give some relaxing time to you. The best time to restore your energy to be a calmer mom is, when your kids go to school or when they are sleeping.
– If it is not possible daily then weekly or twice a week set a time to enjoy your desired hobbies. This will refresh you and will help you to be calm.
– Stick on healthy diet to boost your energy to become a calmer mom.
– To calm your senses do healthy breathing exercises daily in the morning. This will give you amazing affects to pass a day calmly especially when you are with kids.
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