Giving and Receiving

The energy and space of Rancho Margot, has given me the opportunity to read, explore through conversation and sharing thoughts, assimilate, process and reach deep into the soul………. sitting at breakfast, I asked a friend the difference between "give and give" versus "give and take"………….I had read an article commenting on how their would be less conflict in relationships if interactions were based on "give and give" The comment from this friend was very interesting, as he explained this could lead to a "depletion", from the giver. So the next question could that came up in my mind is "if the giving is coming from the unlimited resource pool of universal consciousness, ? what gets depleted?"………..our conversation continued, as he asked "how about give and receive as the basis for interaction". In a "give and receive", there are no takers, and there is an implied openness that the receiver has cleared emotional blockages and the receiving becomes fluid, as much a joy for the giver as for the receiver.

Taking the giving and receiving to another level, then life and existence itself becomes a giving and receiving, as every inhale is receiving and every exhale is the giving.

Tu Eres Mi Otro Yo – (You Are My Other Self). A Mayan concept of unity, we learn to be ourselves through our relationships with others.

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