A Majority of Moms Lie to their Kids

A maternal bond is a very special relation between a mother and her child and it starts when a woman finds out that she is pregnant with a child. The love a mother feels for her child is not social, intellectual or cultural.

A mother is naturally prepared to form strong bonds with her children and when she does, the child automatically forms a bond with her mother as well. The bond between the child and her mother goes strong regardless of the fact that a child screams or shouts day and night in his toddler years.

As a child gets older, he keeps most of his emotions hidden because of peer pressure but some older children are quite generous about their affection for their mothers. Some children tell their mothers everything but some like to keep everything to themselves but this does not mean that the child is incapable for loving his/her mother.

The clingy love of early childhood gets more rich and complicated with time. A child feels empathy for his/her mother with time and he starts loving his mother as a person but not just as a caregiver. At times, mothers might say that “honesty” is the best policy to their children but sometimes they end up lying to their kids as well.

Parents lie for various reasons and these lies range from benefitting the parents themselves or scare off the child from dangerous issues. Parents lie to their children to gain compliance. Mentioned above are the most common lies parents tell their kids.

– A watermelon will grow inside your stomach if you swallow a watermelon seed. Watermelon seeds cause stomach pain. Although it sounds stupid but when a child grows up, he realizes that it actually proved to be beneficial for him.

– If you will leave my hand in a super market, a boogie man will come grab you. Children go crazy when they go to super market with their mother. Imagine a scenario in which a child is running after candies and his/her mother is running after vegetables in the opposite direction. So, this lie is the only way a mother can prevent it from happening.

– I didn’t bring money with me. Children are good manipulators and they dream of candies and ice cream day and night but things like these can destroy children’s teeth. 

– If you will lie to someone, your nose will grow instantly. Every child in his childhood has read stories of Pinocchio that how his nose grows when he used to lie. So, mothers try to apply the same strategy on their children.

– If you don’t behave, the angry lady over there will take you along with you. Whenever mothers take their children to a social gathering, they always start screaming and shouting and there is nothing in this planet that can prevent this from happening so, any angry lady can do the task of a boogie man in a gathering.

– I don’t have the money right now; we can buy it next time. Although the text time never comes but this is the only way mothers can talk their way out.

– There is more candy in the house locked up in my room. When there is candy, a child cannot think about anything else. So, lying to the child that there is more candies at the house can prove to be the only way out for the mother.

– If you put this tooth under your pillow, the tooth fairy will get whatever you will wish for. The tooth fairy is actually the mother of the child and she fulfills the wishes of her children.

– Santa Claus will bring you gifts if you write a letter to him. Mothers do that to make their Christmas Eve look happening.

– If you don’t do your homework, Santa Claus won’t bring you candies on Christmas Eve. This is probably the only way to make children do their homework.

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