Every encounter, a reminder

Whether we choose to be on a "self-realization" journey or not, this path is with us. It is like a parallel track. We spend our time in our daily lives, completing one task after another, or in a "doing" state. Yet somewhere alongside this path of "self-realization" is there. We do not need a map quest, or directions, to know how to be on this path, as every pause and every awareness of that pause is what keeps us there. I use the analogy of a breath, the awareness of the inhale and exhales, and the pauses in between, as the anchor to remind us "we are right here".

Living our daily lives, allows the journey to be an experiential journey. Every encounter, every person we meet, as we share our stories and listen to theirs, shows us where we are on our life journey.

In conversation, sometime I hear, "judgement" being passed, either on oneself or another. This is a good time to pause, why the judgement, which "I" is passing the judgement…the pause will allow one to ask this question. Inculcate a sense of awareness, and use the awareness as the vehicle to travel on this path; ride this vehicle alongside.

How does one build the awareness. Many words and techniques have been mastered and suggested. One finds the heightened awareness as an artist, an athlete, or engrossing oneself in a hobby, to be in the "moment", "zone" or "now". For me Meditation has been the tool, the Breath the anchor. The Discipline of setting time for daily practice the Way.

Tu Eres Mi Otro Yo – (You Are My Other Self). A Mayan concept of unity, we learn to be ourselves through our relationships with others.


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