Conservatives already breaking their election pledge

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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I know, I know, an editorial board does not a journalist story make, but pardon my "sour grapes", "partisan" blinders, for noticing the sheer hilarity. Are you sitting down, because this may come as shock? The Conservatives are backing off their election pledge to slay the deficit early, only DAYS after the election:

With the election results barely a week old, Conservatives are muddying the waters around a central – and surprising – campaign pledge.

The revised 2011 budget that the government will present next month will not show a surplus by 2014-15 as promised in black and white in the Conservative campaign platform, even though the government insists it still intends to deliver on the election promise.

I recall the rage when The Globe And Mail endorsed the Conservatives. I also recall a central criticism was how could the paper endorse a party that changed it’s budget forecasts in such short order, as well as FAILING ENTIRELY to explain where the sudden savings were coming from. No accountability, no way to tell truth from fantasy, and yet the Conservatives pulled it off didn’t they? In SPECTACULAR fashion I might add. I recall lots of commentary, and I also recall the defence dismissing valid concerns under the guise of "oh partisans are never happy". What a terrific reality, you can deflect everything with this convenient crutch, and ignore the legitimacy behind.

I, like thousands of others, pointed to just this deficit BULLSHIT, as a core reason why endorsing the Conservatives was tantamount to shilling, rubber stamping sheer dishonesty. For my money, one of the rare columnists or editorial boards that has an ounce of credibility left is Andrew Coyne, who didn’t endorse the Liberals, but because of reasons above couldn’t SANCTION such deceit. And, that is what it is, PURE DISHONESTY, the likes of which Canadian politics hasn’t seen. Oh sure, all parties "fudge" here and there, but all these goodies offered years out, it’s all predicated on this massive budget shell game. 

That Flaherty will now re-introduce the budget that was tossed aside during the election, is just astounding betrayal. That the ruse produced a majority, tough to swallow, not JUST because I’m a Liberal, but because it does such a disservice to the whole process. Last election, the Conservatives ran out the clock, denied the recession and FAILED to deliver their OWN environmental plan, despite central focus. This election the Conservatives have truly outdone themselves, with an even more masterful deception.

When everyone is done brushing off criticism and putting it in the convenient "oh sour grapes partisans" file, maybe they can look at the objective substance of the criticisms, because guess what MSM, you bloody well blew this election big time! Liberals will be immersed in introspection, it would be nice to hear a little from the conduit as well, because it was b movie performance and this story turns those sour grapes into fine wine indeed. It really is INCREDIBLE when you think about it.

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  1. Ignatief was just such a failure and Canadians weren’t familiar enough with the NDP to vote for them – that is the only reason the Cons have a majority. They only got 39% of the votes and the NDP had 30%, yet since they got the most seats they will now be able to do even more stupcomment_ID sh** that we can’t even imagine yet. We need to change this stupcomment_ID first-past-the-post system. I’m a big fan of France’s system: You pick a candcomment_IDate out of many on a ballot, and then the two candcomment_IDates with the highest scores are put on a follow up ballot, which is then voted on. That way, the winning party has the majority of the votes.


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