Suicide bombers are a threat to humanity

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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American security agencies have once again become alert after the unsuccessful attempt by a Nigerian Al Qaeda operative Abdulmtallab to bomb an American airliner on the way from Amsterdam to Detroit. President Barack Obama, who usually talks about establishing world peace, has also become serious and strict as far as the American security is concerned. Reports are that the American administration has given free hand to its security agencies to strictly deal with such conspiracies. Even before this bombing attempt, people of the world including many reputed personalities were uncomfortable with the way of enquiry and checking by the American security agencies at airports. People like the former Indian President Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam and Bollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan had to face the strict security measures of the American agencies. The general feeling in the Muslim world is that it is due to mistrust against them. After the fresh incident of Abdulmutallab, it would not be a strange thing if American security agencies start seeing every person as a potential ‘human bomb’.

Here again the question is arising why the human bombs are linked with Islam or Muslims. What is the ground reality of these human bombs? Let’s have a reality check regarding suicide attackers. The use of human bomb is a kind of betrayal which is done by astraying the enemies and security agencies. It is strictly prohibited in Islam to betray anyone, speak a lie or astraying someone. Prophet Mohammad always taught never to attack innocents. Even at the time of war, Islam instructs, to properly treat women, children and aged persons. Not only humans, Islam also directs to protect animals-birds and agricultural fields during the time of war. So the question here is why mostly the Muslims are involved in suicide teams.

It is necessary to make it clear here that even though the human bombing was started by the Palestinian fighters against the Israeli targets, but the Sri Lanka based LTTE used the large numbers of suicide bombers. It is said that 30-40 percent of the LTTE fighters were suicide bombers. It included many women and children. India’s former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi was a victim of LTTE fighters one such human bomb. But since 9/11, many Muslim youths are being attracted to become human bombs and the entire world is concerned about the inspiration, source and education of Muslim youth suicide bombers.

As I briefly said earlier that human bombs have no link with Islam or Islamic education. If it be, such things should have been prevalent in the time of Prophet Mohammad, Ali and Hussein also. But there is no record of any such thing during their time. Infact, today’s human bombs are not a result of any Islamic inspiration, rather these are the outcome of fundamentalist, uneducated and extremist Mullahs. Arrested Nigerian Abdulmutallab was also impressed with the poisonous and violent speeches of an extremist Yemeni cleric, Anwar Al Awlaki. It is being said that many terrorists, active in Britain and the US, take inspiration by the speeches of Anwar Al Awlaki. Such Mullahs are completely suffering from extremism and prejudice. No doubt, poverty is much prevalent in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Pak Occupied Kashmir, Yemen Jordan and many African countries. Terrorist networks make use of this poverty and attract people towards them through their representatives like Anwar Al Awlaki. Instead of suggesting any way to remove poverty or assisting them, they take small children with them by saying that they will give him Islamic education and the child will earn much and will do ‘jihad’ in the name of god. While taking away child from his parents, they also pay a good amount of money. After receiving money the poor parents feel that their child has started improving their poor lives. After that, the child reaches into the secret training centres of terrorists. Here, besides the education of the holy Quran, Hadis, Namaaz, Roza etc., he is also educated to hate ‘non-Muslims’. Here non-Muslims are those people who, in the viewpoint of these terrorists, deserve ‘hell’. For instance, even in the Muslim community whichever group is opposed to their violent and destructive policies, is a ‘non-Muslim’ or ‘Kafir’. The attack on the Muslims of certain sects in Pakistan and Afghanistan is clear proof.

In this way, extremist clerics along with terrorist organizations, first teach a child the lesson of extremism, then sectarianism and jihad. After some time and training, the same child is transformed into a human bomb. The entire training is done under the supervision of expert extremist Mullahs. These mullahs, everyday try to tell & convince these children that ‘after becoming human bomb you will benefit in both ways, means if you killed your enemy and escaped, then you performed ‘jihad’ and the God will be happy and give you a place in heaven. And if in any case, you got killed as a human bomb, you will be treated like a ‘martyr’ and in that case also, heaven will be ‘yours’.

“If a poor and destitute family suddenly gets a lot of money and besides their child gets a ‘bonus’ in the form of ‘heaven’, no deal can be better than this.” Now it should become clear that only these extremist, fundamentalist and illiterate clerics are responsible for the creation of human bombs and suicide teams. And these people train children, physically and mentally, by alluring them in the name of heaven or money. It is imperative to decisively act against such training centres and such anti-Islamic and inhuman mullahs. Not even this, Muslim society itself should unmask these enemies of humanity and boycott them.

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