In search of Jannat Fidayeen kill innocent

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

The recent suicide bomber attack in Shrinagar of Jammu & Kashmir in India has sparked a hot debate in political circle here and its neghbouring countries like Pakistan & Afghanistan in which at least 5 CRPF (Central Reserve Police Force) Security Forces were killed and 7 injured on 13 March,2013. This Fidayeen attack is being seen as the retaliation of Afzal Guru death who was sent to gallows by the Indian President Pranab Mukherjee in last month. According to information gathered from here there has been a peaceful atmosphere in the Shrinagar Valley for the last three years which the terrorist wanted to destroy here. In the wake of Afzal Guru capital punishment the separatists were demanding his dead body and wereon agitation. This has also caused acute tension here and the different terrorist organizations orchestrating their plans to add fuel to the fire in the Valley here.

On the other hand a study conducted by the Islamabad based Pakistan Institute for Peace Studies says that almost 5000 innocent person were trained as Fidayeen to attack different places of the world. They were trained for destabilizing the economic and political condition of a different countries and enthused  a sense of religion bigotry among the followers of Islam. The scholars and think tanks of Islamic culture contradict this theory and say that in the lack of knowledge of the basic tenet of Islam these youths are being deviated from their culture and being deceived by the Fridayeen trainers on the name of Allah and Zihad. They further add that taking advantage of the innocent and these poor Islamic youths the Fidayeen trainers forced them for Zihad and bombing attacks saying that they would get the 72 virgin women in the Zannat {Paradise} even if they killed while operation a Fidyaeen attack. The trainers also brain washed the youths saying that if they get exploded while conducting an operation they would get Zannat.Believing this the youths readied themselves for the Fidayeen training. Before this,sources say that the first Fidayeen attack was conducted in Islamabad in 1995 in which a truck carrying tonnes of explosive entered into Greece Embasey in which 14 persons were killed. After this Fidayeen attackers killed the Prime Minister of Pakistan Mrs Benazir Bhutto on 27 December 2007. In between 2001 to 2008 almost 130 Fidayeen attacks 1,883 persons were killed in Pakistan alone. In 2010 the highest death recorded as 1,224 in Fidayeen attacks there. The data given here only shows that Fidayeen has become a culture and life support system for the terrorist organizations of Pakistan which can be not easily tamed by the Pakistani Government because the ISI and the terrorists organization work hand in glove here.

Meanwhile, the Fidayeen attackers are giving sleepless nights to internal politics of India, Pakistan and Afghanistan. The deep rooted Fidyeens are not going to be uprooted by the lack of political will of these countries. The Indian Government lackadaisical attitude towards softpeddling the earlier attacks in India by the terrorists organizations like Indian Muzahiddin (IM) &Lashkar -E- Taiba has spread their message by killing innocent persons here. The Shrinagar attack is being liked with Pakistan from where Lashkar -E- Taiba operates terrorist attacks in Indian. Sources say here that this attack has been orchestrated by both Lashkar and ISI though the responsibility of this attack has been taken by the Indian Muzahiddin (IM).

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