Abortion Access in Canada

This article was last updated on May 25, 2022

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I wrote a piece, Are We Too Nice?, posted over at Abortion Gang, asking if the pro-choice camp should considering using some of the tactics anti’s use in order to advance our agenda.

The Globe and Mail published a very interesting map that shows abortion access by province and its acceptance rate. Quebec has the highest acceptance rate at 88%, with the  Canadian average at 68%. A fair percentage of Canadians are undecided, which is great in that the pro-choice movement has the opportunity to sway them to our side. Not surprisingly, the maritime provinces, Alberta, Manitoba and Saskatchewan have the highest anti rate at around 20%. This map gives you a great idea as to how easy it is for women to access abortion. The hospitals and clinics are mapped out so show you where they are concentrated. Some great news is that the Yukon and NWT will pay for women to go out of province if need be. Nunavut doesn’t appear to and PEI will only do it with a doctor referral. 

All in all, we can see what needs to be fixed, and that is namely access for rural women. Another article shows that most Canadians are pro-choice, which means Harper’s government may be in trouble if he keeps on pandering to the religious right who are anti-choice. Fingers crossed Canadians make this an election issue. Even better, abortion is a very non-partisan issue, as the diagram on the left shows.
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