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This article was last updated on May 20, 2022

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So on my post It’s Easy to be Anti-Choice I had a troll making demands for statistics. I more or less ignored her because I don’t have the time nor the inclination to cater to demands from anti’s, but she was persistent. So I asked my peeps over at Abortion Gang for help and got links to 2 studies that provide her with the stats she demanded, and as I suspected, they discredit her claims. First, here are some excerpts of her comments for your enjoyment,

Give me some hard statistics about the number of pro lifers that stand around calling pregnant women "sluts"… [I talked about antis who get abortions from the piece, The Only Moral Abortion is my Abortion, stories about how antis tend to think they are ‘different’ from other women seeking abortions]

Give me some rock solid statistics from an UNBIASED source that compare the number of women who regret their abortion to the number of women who are happy-as-pigs-in-shit, shoutin’ it from the mountain top kind of happy they had one (you can leave out the hyperbolic criteria if you like). I’ll bet the numbers are ‘slightly’ disproportionate.

I’ll see your "secretly pro choice after an unplanned pregnancy" and raise you one "after one elective abortion, I’ll bet you are openly pro-life"

I have cut huge parts out. Here is the first study, which concludes,

Most women do not experience psychological problems or regret their abortion 2 years postabortion, but some do. Those who do tend to be women with a prior history of depression.

Or a study by the Guttmacher Institute that concluded
Teens who have abortions are no more likely to become depressed or have low self-esteem than their peers whose pregnancies do not end in abortion
But she wasn’t asking about teens, so how about this myth debunked over at Abortion Gang,

Fact: Many anti-choice groups say women will suffer from depression after having an abortion, or as they call it, post-abortion syndrome. According to theGuttmacher Institute there is no proof that abortion is directly related to depression or trauma.

Nancy Adler, professor of psychology at the University of California, San Francisco, testified that “severe negative reactions are rare and are in line with those following other normal life stresses.” While acknowledging that there were flaws in much of the research, she testified nonetheless that the weight of the evidence persuasively showed that “abortion is usually psychologically benign.” Echoing Koop’s point about the public health implications, Adler said that given the millions of women who had had abortions, “if severe reaction were common, there would be an epidemic of women seeking treatment. There is no evidence of such an epidemic.”

Another excerpt from her comments,

1.37 million abortions per year in the US. On … there are somewhere around 800 stories (according to wikipedia). 800 stories in seven years. Even if it were 800 stories PER YEAR that would only be roughly .0005% of women sharing ‘positive’ stories. I’m thinking that more women are sorry than are not. … 

Ever heard of selection bias? It happens when people have the choice to participate in a study and they are fraught with problems. Considering huge percentages of women who seek abortions are living in or close to poverty, paying for internet may not be a priority, so they aren’t likely to participate on sites such as Also, according to Wikipedia? Hell,I could have found Wikipedia results to support my claims but even if the source isn’t biased, it is far from reliable!
And this,

Another thing, regretting an abortion and being diagnosed with depression are not necessarily synonymous, so what’s up with the "study"? Just more biased prochoice jaw jacking, eh?

I’m unclear, how are we supposed to measure regret unless we focus on manifestations of regret, namely depression?
I’ve done all I can. She won’t believe me, even though she claimed she would be all ears if I gave her stats. Of course, all conservative scientists are totally unbiased; it’s only liberals that are biased and so she won’t believe a thing. Ah well, I supported my claims. Like I said to her, don’t attack the authors of a study, attack poor research methodology or conclusions that cannot be supported by the data; one cannot prove a claim about bias wrong, but one can illustrate why a study is flawed. 
To conclude, my new favourite quote,
A lie is a lie even if everybody believes it; the truth is the truth even if nobody believes it.
Now I’m done with you Glynnis.

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