Now more chatr customers can experience unlimited data

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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now more chatr customers can experience unlimited data
Building on the success of its GTA, Calgary and Edmonton launch in April, chatr is now expanding its unlimited talk, text and data plans at 3G speeds to Vancouver, Southwestern Ontario and Ottawa

TORONTO (August 3, 2016) Starting today, chatr is expanding its unlimited talk, text and data plans at 3G speeds to now include Vancouver, Southwestern Ontario and Ottawa, giving more customers the freedom to stay connected to family and friends with one easy plan. Already available in the Greater Toronto Area, Calgary and Edmonton since April, chatr’s unlimited zone-based plans provide customers with unlimited talk, text and data with managed 3G speed allotments without incurring overage fees.

Starting at $40/month, plans include unlimited Canada-wide talk, unlimited Canada and International text and unlimited data with a managed 3G speed allotment while within the unlimited data zones. For additional data:

·       $5/month (total $45) upgrade to a total of 2GB at 3G speed

·       $10/month (total $50) upgrade to a total of 4GB at 3G speed

While at 3G data speeds, customers can generally browse, email, watch videos, use social media and share large files. Once a customer reaches their managed 3G speed allotment, they can still continue using unlimited data at a reduced speed where they will generally be able to browse and email but will notice a difference when using higher bandwidth applications such as streaming video or downloading large files. For usage status, customers can dial *225#.

While in any of the six zones, customers will continue to experience unlimited service. When out-of-zone, pay-per-use charges will apply. To check whether they are in or out of zone, customers can dial *#555#.

For further information, check out, Facebook, and Twitter. Let’s get going!

About chatr mobile:

chatr mobile is a Canadian pre-paid wireless brand that provides customers from coast-to-coast with worry-free mobile plans, devices and service on a trusted national network. With data packages and competitive international calling rates, no term contracts or credit checks, chatr mobile makes it easy for all customers to keep connected to friends and family near and far. For more information please visit

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1 Comment

  1. My advice is stay away from Chatr. 


    Because it’s own by Rogers.

    What’s wrong with Rogers?

    This is a highly resourceful CROOK/BULLY.

    How so?

    Rogers is a scam. 15 Years ago, they tricked me into signing up their package Cable and landline phone (they were reselling Bell then). And then simply charged me all kind of extras … Refusing to deal with unethical company like Rogers, I said goodbye to them and went back to Bell. They tried to extort penalty fees from me. I ignored them. 10 years later I found out they actually used a cheap collection agency to slam a record on my credit profile. I didn’t know that because all the credit card company ignored the record – cos that’s the only negative record and an insignificant amount. I have excellent credit all along.

    Recently, they bought Mobilicity and I was forced to move to Chatr as a result. Legally, they are obliged to maintain the contract I have with Mobilicity. What they did? They disabled MMS service on my phone to try to milk more money from me (they wanted me to subscribe to their exorbitant Data Plan). MMS is part of text messaging, never a part of Data Internet Plan. They agreed I am entitled to it. They admitted the service was deliberately disabled … Basically: “I robbed the feature from you, so what?” Does anyone know what to do with this unethical giant called Rogers (and their associated companies such as Chatr)? I have no clue … Perhaps boycotting them is the only way. Spread the words. People’s Power is the only way.

    Someone suggest Class Action. Forget it. Talk to a lawyer, you will know why? Class action does not work in Canada. Our legal system is originated from the dinosaur English system that does not support Class Action. Why so? In US, anyone can start a class action without worry of costs. In canada, the court will make you pay the costs. And Rogers is a resourceful giant, they will bankrupt you before you even know what is happening? Our governmental system is  outdated and corrupted … It basically favours the rich and politically well connected. Rogers is one such entity. 

    The existing system is very tolerant & forgiving to those with money. This is another reason why Canada is a paradise for rich white collar criminals.

    Enough said. I think the only solution left is to boycott Rogers and Chatr in this case …

    People’s Power.  Spread the words.


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