Language Rooms at The Los Angeles Theatre Center (Los Angeles, CA)

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

Language Rooms: A Dark Comedy About Homeland Security

The Los Angeles Theatre Center (Los Angeles, CA)

"Language Rooms"

Comedy meets Homeland Security in Egyptian-American playwright Yussef El Guindi’s thought-provoking, award-winning Language Rooms. This dark comedy centers on Ahmed, a shining example of the American Dream working as a translator in a Homeland Security detainment facility. But his workplace “frenemy” Nasser, a Muslim of Asian descent, brings him the bad news that his loyalties are being called into question. As office politics take a turn for the absurd all around him, Ahmed realizes that much more than just his job hangs in the balance. Evren Odcikin directs this co-production of San Francisco’s Golden Thread Productions and the Latino Theater Company.

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