Music in St. James Park: The Treasures

Join us on Thursday, July 9th, from 7-9pm, for a FREE concert by The Treasures, as a part of Old Town Toronto’s Music in St. James Park concert series.

Toronto roots rockers the Treasures have honed their back-to-basics sound the old-fashioned way: through the boot camp of constant gigging. Specifically, the kinds of bar residencies where you’re expected to play multiple sets a night for an audience who are often there more for the beer than the band. If you can succeed in that kind of challenging setting, you know you can take your act anywhere.

Formed in 2009, they’ve built up a dedicated following over the past few years, winning over audiences with their sweet harmonies, nostalgic melodies, and warm classic twang. Instead of a single frontman, they share vocal duties and all help out with writing the tunes. After all, some music is more about the song than the video, and for the Treasures, the song is always supreme (even if that means that the guy who wrote it might not be the one singing the lead in the end).

The Treasures’ sound falls into a long tradition of urban country rock in Toronto, stretching back to the Band’s early years backing up Ronnie Hawkins on the rowdy and rough 1960s Yonge Street strip, to the 1980s Queen West cow punk scene, to the new generation of young roots bands that are keeping the spirit alive today. As tempting as it is to describe the Treasures’ approach as Americana, it would be more accurate to call this Canadiana.

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