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Funksters and Funkateers!!



B A C K in F U N K

We're taking you back in time through the ages of funk starting with the 90's, back to the 80's and landing in the 70's!!

::::Introducing our TimePilots for this funky journey:::

– ANKLE MIX aka FUNKLEBERRY FIN – will start off the night by blending contemporary expressions of FUNK spanning from the 1990's through the modern era & beyond!

– SYNAPPS aka HOT PLATE – takes us full throttle into the electro-FUNK-ified sounds of the 1980's blasting through time into the days of old.

– LOONA aka FUNK IN THE TRUNK – kicks it old school going deep into the 1970's to bust out classics from the golden age of FUNK.

Bring yo' baddest self to Hot Shameless Funk's time travel extravaganza for an adventure that you will never forget.

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