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February 16, 2009 Robert Mull 0

EXPECTATIONS: There aren’t any expectations whatsoever from the music of a film that belongs to the horror genre and has a title which goes as ……Read More

No Picture


February 7, 2009 Robert Mull 0

EXPECTATIONS: Jugaad – with a title like this, one can hardly have any expectations whatsoever of a musical score that would be anything better than ……Read More

No Picture

Jai Veeru

February 6, 2009 Robert Mull 0

EXPECTATIONS: In their own little way, Bajaj brothers (Shyam and Narendra) have more often than not ensured that music of their films does make an ……Read More

No Picture

42 Kms.

January 19, 2009 Robert Mull 0

This is one album that one picks up with absolutely zero expectations. A project that has been in making for long (it was earlier titled ……Read More

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