Vikram Bhatt to release 6 minutes of Dangerous Ishhq

Marketing a film and promoting it these days can be a tough task and breaking out of the clutter is the key. Going with this thought, Vikram Bhatt has decided to take a different route to promote his upcoming film. Bhatt will be releasing around six minutes of his next Dangerous Ishhq online.

The reason being, that the earlier 30-second promo despite managing to generate a lot of buzz wasn't able to send out the message that is central to the film. Dangerous Ishhq, which is being billed as Karisma Kapoor's comeback vehicle, features the actress playing a supermodel who experiences past life regression to find solutions to her problems in this life.

The six minutes of the film that will release on Sunday, May 6, will show the process of going into past life regression, so that the audience can understand what the film is about.

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