Katy Perry dumped by John Mayer

Katy Perry is really embarassed because of her beau John Mayer, after John dumped her only after a few months of dating. Though Katy says that her relationship with John Mayer was just a casual affair, but it is evident that she is sad after her breakup with John Mayer. John has always been a ladies man, dated many high profile ladies all over the years. While he was dating Katy, he promised her that he is changed man now, but as John has dumped the beautiful singer mercilessly, it is clear that he has not reformed himself yet.


Katy Perry maintained a safe distance, and dared not to fall in love with John Mayer for the longest time. But he insisted, and ultimately the lady had to give in, and she fell in love with the flirtatious man, and finally John has dumped her. After the breakup, the duo met again in a dinner party held by a common friend on Tuesday night, but John and Katy were seen avoiding one another, and they did not talk to one another.


Whenever both crossed one another, they kept their heads down and did not even see one another. Katy stayed in one room for the entire night, while John stayed in another room. Their animosity and bitterness could be felt by one and all present in the party. Katy Perry was seen chatting with a model, while John Mayer was spotted talking to a busty babe.


John Mayer has dated celebrities like Taylor Swift, Jessica Simpson, Jennifer Aniston, Ke$ha and Miley Cyrus. While the singer and actress Katy Perry had affairs with Robert Ackroyd, Matthew Thiessen and Travie Mc Coy.


John and Katy had dated one another before too, which had to end as the pop singer Katy Perry tied the nuptial knot with Russell Band, comedian. This time around, the duo thought to give a second chance to their incomplete love story. But the ending of the affair was miserable for Katy Perry.

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