Movie Preview Peddlers

Peddlers deals with one's inability to accept love in life. A strange psyche that enables them to self-sabotage any such occurrence which may lead to care, comfort, tenderness and togetherness. An issue dealt with in many film noirs and pulp crime literature in various perspectives.

The film is set in Mumbai following the parallel lives of an intelligence officer at the Narcotics Control Bureau who will go to any extent to live a lie, he has intimacy issues because of his physical condition but yet he wants to be known as a playboy in spite of his issues, in love with his married neighbour but…

A Bangladeshi immigrant who is terminally ill and has come here to work as a 'Mule' (human carrier) to make enough money to treat herself and take care of her child back home. There is love knocking around somewhere but…

A young boy with misled notions of rebellion and freedom which has driven him out of his Upper Middle Class homely comforts to the so called dark and dingy underbelly. This woman he meets, frail, lost, unaffected, mysterious yet beautiful is not his types, that's what he thought but…

In a nutshell 'A criss-cross in the lives of the self-proclaimed social outcasts eventually leading to love and the destruction of it.'

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