Seasonal Fresh Fruit Satay

Seasonal Fresh Fruit Satay Seasonal Fresh Fruit Satay


Watermelon Cubes – 30 Gms

Nashi Pear Cubes – 30 Gms

Mango Cubes – 30 Gms

Yellow Pithaya Cubes – 30 Gms

Dragon Fruit Roundles – 20 Gms

Kiwi Fruit Roundles – 20 Gms

Star Fruit Slice – 5 Gms

Blackberry – 5 Gms

Raspberry – 5 Gms

For Sauce

Passion Fruit Pulp – 15 Gms

Sugar – 10 Gms

Chopped Mint – 2 Gms


1. Skewer the Fruit Dices In Satay Stick.
2. Skewer the Berries On Top Of Each Satay Stick.

For Sauce

1. Cook passion fruit pulp and sugar together.
2. When hot, take it off the flame and add chopped mint. Allow it to cool.
3. On a platter, arrange roundles of dragon fruit and kiwi.
4. Arrange the skewers on top.
5. Drizzle with passion fruit sauce.
6. Garnish with mint sprig or astina cress.

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