No New Apple MacBook Air 2015 – Media and Apple Fans Jilted

MacBook Air Retina

For weeks the Apple Media had predicted the new MacBook Air on February 24, 2015 – someone forgot to invite Apple

By Stephen Pate – The Mac Press corps – 9to5 Mac, MacRumors  and Cult of Mac – have been predicting a refresh at least and possibly a Retina version of the popular MacBook Air, AKA MacBook Air 2015.

The MacBook Air is without a doubt the most popular laptop and ultra portable computer. The stylish aluminum thin body and top performance have made the MacBook Air the most desired portable computer.  Owning one is a class act.

The predictions of a new 12&Prime MacBook Air have been getting hotter and hotter. The new version of the 4-year-old design will be thinner again by using the 5th generation Intel Broadwell processors.

The Dell XPS 13 is already released with Broadwell chips and Apple likes to be first.  The media are saying Dell finally has a model that can compete with the MacBook Air. And it has a high res screen at the Retina level of resolution.

MacBook Air 12 artist concept – Mac Rumors

It will only have 2 connections – USB/power and headphone. It will be fanless. And the ultimate prediction – it will have the same retina display as the MacBook Pro and iPad Air.

Only problem – Apple was a no-show at the fictional launch event. Apple CEO Time Cook made a low-key stop in Germany to visit BILD, a magazine that promoted the iPhone 6 bend-gate.

Apple CEO Tim Cook, having a nice day in Germany at BILD (via @BILD)

All day long Twitter was a buzz with people predicting they would be ordering the new MacBook Air today.

Only Apple did not oblige. They said nothing. There was no announcement from a high place.

The Apple media are like a rusty car full of Jehovah’s Witnesses, waiting on a mountain top for the Lord to return. They’ve got to get it right one day.

Here are some reasons why the MacBook Air was not released yesterday:

  1. Tim Cook was in Germany.
  2. MacBook Air Retina does not exist.
  3. Apple has too many old MacBook Air computers in inventory to clear out.
  4. MacBook Air Retina does not work, oops.
  5. Apple never sent the invitations.
  6. Apple is going to skip Broadwell and jump to Skylake (faster) processors in June- now August.
  7. Tim Cook was in Germany.

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By Stephen Pate, NJN Network

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