PM Lee declares pay rise dangerous

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong addressed the gathering of more than 1,500 employers, workers, and unionists on Tuesday at the International Labor Day and expressed his concerns over the pay hike demanded by the workers. He shed light on how the government is dealing with the issue and what will the consequences of the approach of the government will be.

Speaking at the event, he said that he is in touch with all union leaders and he discussed their concerns last week where it was highlighted that the cost of living is increasing especially in terms of healthcare and the workers do not get enough CPF savings which is a dangerous measure keeping in mind the rising inflation in the country. He said that the concerns highlighted by the union leaders have been taken into account and the government is monitoring the inflation problem very closely and will do their best to keep it under control. He also said that he is aware about the problem of underpaid workers and the aging workforce and said that these will go hand in hand and the government is already working on the matter.

He said that despite the call for increase in pay scales of Singaporean workers, it is not possible for him to announce such a measure without an equivalent increase in the level of productivity as the consequences of such a measure could be “dangerous”.

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