Vancouver police advise regarding fake parking attendant scam

Another well-known scam that isn’t isolated to playoff time but seems to be brought to our attention more at this time of year is the “pretend parking lot attendant” scam.

Last year, we had reports of people pretending to be parking lot staff taking money from people parking their cars for events. 

These scammers are creative and even go so far as to wear orange reflective vests at the entrance to unmanned public parking lots around Rogers Arena and downtown. 

They stand at the entrances or wander around the parking lots and talk to people looking to park.

They hold cash and parking tickets to look legitimate and tell people that they’re attendants for the lot and are able to give you a ticket for cash.

In exchange for the cash, they will usually give an expired ticket or no ticket at all, and if questioned about it they’ll reassure the driver that they’re the attendant for the lot and not to worry about it.

The trusting buyers later return to their vehicles to see they have been issued a parking ticket.

People who are parking downtown and especially in the vicinity of Rogers Arena are reminded that unless there is a legitimate parking attendant, they should personally purchase a ticket.

If anyone sees one of these fake parking attendants is asked to call the Vancouver Police.

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