Harper government ignored social issues

Since day one, Harper has been focused on creating jobs, encouraging entrepreneurship and supporting the fiscal discipline. His agenda does not seem to have wavered in the last one year of his majority government.

“Many people in my constituency have built successful careers, homes and families by thinking longer term in their affairs,” Harper said during his early days of being in power. “Countries, like companies or households that mismanage their financial affairs do not create jobs. They destroy them. Households, businesses, families and governments that mismanage their affairs do not fulfill dreams. Those who mismanage their affairs watch their dreams slowly slip away.”

During the last 12 months, Harper managed to talk about jobs and economy most of the time. The few major challenges included passing legislation for tearing down the Canadian Wheat Board and wiping out the gun registry.

On the other hand, the Opposition along with several analysts accuse Harper and his majority government for overlooking the importance of social issues. Even during the gay marriages debate, Harper government kept its quiet.

“Why has he done everything that he could to distance himself and to distance the party away from the so-called social conservative issues? It’s very simply because he’s not interested in them. They’re a pain in the ass,” said Conservative strategist Geoff Norquay.

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  1. Harper has made a promise to his Christian and Missionary Alliance Church. You can read about their promises in their literature. We being Children of Adam and Eve are damn to eternal suffering. That is what God promises. The way out is to find Christ as our saviour in a time of personal crisis. Unemployment, jail, drug addiction, a death in the family, depression are all good times for this to happen. Canadians have too many tax funded safety nets. Tax funded safety nets are in Christ’s way. Too many are not saved. We therefore have a relatively high rate, compared to the US, of citizens on the hell bound train called secularism. Harper has promised to correct that. All laws and policies are created wit;h this in mind. My issue is that we are not the children of Adam and Eve, we are, most of us any way, collaborative monkeys. Harper’s goal denies who we are as a species. His laws and policies will fail, there is no God.

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