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Assaulting Police Officers Charged in Violent Arrest in Trois-Rivières

A video spread online on the internet showing four police officers kicking and punching a robbery suspect, who was allegedly surrendering, has resulted into criminal charges and proceedings against the officers. The officers, from Trois-Rivières, Que. have been suspended with pay as the video made its way on social media and news headlines.

The incident was recorded by a surveillance camera located at a nearby college, showing 19-year-old Alexis Vadeboncoeur putting away a gun and lying face down in the snow, while outstretching his arms on his back, when four Trois-Rivières municipal police officers approached him. Concernedly, the video shows Vadeboncoeur being kicked and punched by officers while he lies on the ground, apparently not making any threatening movements. It was revealed that the officers were chasing Vadeboncoeur after he was allegedly involved in an armed robbery at a nearby pharmacy.

The video footage of the incident surfaced in February following Vadeboncoeur's bail hearing. The officers mentioned in their police report that the teen had broken into a business, and they justified the use of force alleging that their lives were in danger. The government initiated an investigation by the Quebec provincial police into the charges that were laid officially this week. The four allegedly charged police officials include Marc-André Saint-Amant, Barbara Provencher, Dominic Pronovost and Kaven Deslauriers, who were charged with several offenses including assault with a weapon, assault causing bodily harm and obstructing justice by hiding the existence of the video.

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