Egyptian Nationalist Intellectuals Unite with Egyptian Nationalist Youth

There is no doubt that the Egyptian revolution at hand erupted spontaneously, and that the Youth is its primary foundation. Continuing peaceful demonstrations lend strong support and legitimacy to this popular revolt.

We support the revolutionary Egyptian Youth in their demands of replacing the current regime with a political order based on true democracy, social justice, and national sovereignty.,

We also concur with their insistence that no negotiation is to occur until the departure from office of President Hosni Mubarak. The Youth declared in no uncertain terms that none of them will negotiate, either individually or through a committee acting on their behalf.

In these times it is imperative to link the nationalist agenda to demands of democratic freedoms and to guard the revolution from exploitation, and derailment from within Egypt or externally. There can be no freedom for individual citizens in a nation which is not free. In this vein, we uphold the slogan: “Freedom… Social Justice … National Sovereignty”.

From this perspective, it is necessary that a reasonable period of Freedom to form unrestricted political parties, labour, professional, and student unions, precede elections which must be secure from interference by state security forces and their supporters.

We further demand the liberation of all forms of mass media outlets from the control of the regime after which it will be possible to amend the Constitution in the best interests of the Egyptian People.

Establishment of a society of social justice requires pursuit of a path of economic development based on productive agricultural and industrial sectors, supported by scientific research, and independent of the dictates of western financial institutions.

Social Justice and independent national development require continuous oversight by the people to protect national resources and wealth from corruption, and guard against misappropriation of public funds. As for national sovereignty, this is pivotal to any project of liberation from dependence on the U.S. administration to the benefit of Israel. This means the cessation of all forms of “normalization” , including the criminal sale of Egypt’s natural gas to Israel; the sealing of the common borders with Gaza and Rafah; and the blockade on these territories.

We the undersigned join the revolutionary Egyptian youth in avowing the following principles and demands:

· Change the regime and its policies beginning with the departure from office of President Mubarak ; establishment of a national government that excludes ministers of his regime, and those officials who have contributed to the prevailing order of foreign hegemony;

· Dissolution of the Parliament and the Shura Council, which have lost all legitimacy;

· Removal of restrictions on freedom, abolition of the emergency laws, and all other laws which suppress freedom; dissolution of the restrictive Commission of Political Parties; and termination of military court jurisdiction over civilians;

· Holding the Ministry of Interior, Central Security Forces and the National Party gangs responsible for the criminal repression of the protestors; prosecuting all those responsible for acts of torture, killings, and other human rights violations, restructuring the security apparatus;

· Immediate release of all imprisoned protestors, and other political prisoners;

· Call on Egypt’s Military to support the Egyptian People’s demands of establishing a civil government, and upholding its responsibility of protecting them;

· Creation of an atmosphere which fosters citizenship rights, and realistically eliminate religious discrimination.

It is necessary to expose attempts to hijack the popular youth revolution, including attempts by friends of Israel and the U.S, government. Also unacceptable is the recycling of the regime with new faces. Calling for unity should not divert attention from those attempting to manipulate the popular revolution. We firmly reject changing the regime to one which upholds the same policies of serving the interests of Zionism, colonialism and projects of the “New Middle East”, or the interests of billionaires of the alliance of political authority and wealth.

SIGNATORIES – (in their personal capacity)

Mr. Tarek El-Bishry Counselor Egyptian Supreme Constitutional Court
Mr. Hamdy Kandeel TV Political Commentator
Lt. Gen. Safwat El-Zayat (Ret.)
Dr. Hoda Gamal Abdel Nasser University Professor
Mr. Fahmy Howeidy Journalistic/ Author
Dr. Alaa El-Aswany Author
Dr. Ashraf El-Bayoumi University Professor
DR. Radwa Ashour University Professor/ author
Mr. Ahmed El-Gamal Journalist
Ms. Mohsina Tawfik Movie /theater star
Mr. Abd El-Hakim Gamal Abdel Nasser
Dr. Hossam Issa University Professor
Dr. Salah Saddiq University Professor
Dr. Abdel Minaam Abu El-Fotouh Union of Arab Physician
Dr. Omar El-Sibakhy University Professor
Dr, Roushdy Saeed Senior University Professor
Mr. Khaled Youssef Film Director
Dr. Abdel Minaam Aabeed University Professor
Mr. Abdelaal El-Bakoory Journalist
Dr. Ebadda Kahila
Ms. Aida El-Azzab Moussa
Mr. Abdullah El-Sinnawy “Al Aaraby” newspaper, Chief Editor
Mr. Sayyed Haggab Poet
Mr. Mohsen Awad (Author)
Mr. Abdelazim El-Maghraby Former M.P.
Mr. Abdel Ghaffar shokr Political activist/Arab Research Center
Mr.Helmy Shaarawy Political activist/Arab Research Center
Political activist/Arab Research Center
Mr. Saad Abood Former M.P.
Mr. Ahmed El-Naggar Economic Expert
Dr. Hoda El-Misseery University Professor
Dr. Widad Habib Saad University Professor
Dr. Nelly Hanna University Professor
Dr. Saeed Salah El-Din El-Nisha’y University Professor
Dr. Shadia El-Shisheeny University Professor
Mr. Gamal Fahmy Journalist Syndicate Council Member
Mr. Amr Nassef TV Political Commentator
Mr. Samir Morkos author/writer
Eng. Abu El-Aala Mady Political Activist
Eng. Wael Khalil Political Activist
Ms. Arab Loutfy Film Director
Ms. Salwa Bakr Author
Dr. Soheir Morsy University Professor
Dr. Saeeda Montasser
Ms. Hala Sakr
Ms. Gihan Faddel Artist
Dr. Gamal Abdel Fatah Pharmacist
Mr. Mohamed Waked Political Activist
Ms. Amel Ramsis Film Director
Dr. Kamal Naguib University Professor
Dr. Safwat Hatim Surgeon
Mr. Mahfouz Aazam
Eng. Omar Aazam
Mr. Abdel Azeem Manaf Journalist
Ms. Nagla’ El-Kayoubi Political Activist
Mr. Magdy Hussein Political Activist
Dr. Magdy Kurkur University Professor 

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