Canadian Arab Federation salutes “Dignity Revolution” in Egypt

“Dignity Revolution” in Egypt Achieves Historic Victory

The Canadian Arab Federation salutes the heroic people of Egypt who made history by forcing a sitting corrupt Arab dictator from office. Their sacrifices for their children and future generation did not go in vain and they disposed of a regime that has oppressed them for 30 years.

The humanity demonstrated by the protesters also helps explain why the global reaction to the violence against them was so universal and so powerful: this revolution has been absolutely peaceful since day one — respectful of people and property and the army. The violence perpetrated by the regime against them was much more grotesque because of it.

The revolution in Egypt has discredited every Western media stereotype about the Arabs. The courage, determination, eloquence and grace of those in Liberation Square contrast with the media’s dishonest fear-mongering by invoking the bogeys of Muslim extremism and terrorism.

The revolution also exposed the moral bankruptcy and racism of many Western countries, and in particular the Canadian government, that maintained its support of the Mubarak regime simply because it ensured the security of Israel and allowed it to continue its colonialism, ethnic cleansing and oppression of the Palestinian people.

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