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Oye! Relationships

5 Relationship Secrets From Couples Who've Been Together For 40+ Years
Illustrated By Mary Galloway.

Cliché sayings about how to get and stay married abound: Opposites attract, don't go to bed angry, the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. Many have been repeated so often that they've lost whatever power

Do First Impressions REALLY Matter?
Photographed by Alice Gao.

In a recent survey from, 59% of men and 49% of women admitted to believing in love at first sight. Given pop culture's recent skeptical attitude toward this fairytale trope — even Disney has shaken it off — these numbers

After 10 Failed Relationships, I Discovered A Pattern
Photographed by Maria Del Rio.

By Erin Bahadur

There has to be a pattern. This is what I thought to myself as I took a look back at 10 failed relationships spanning from high school through post-college.

I recently entered a drug and alcohol recovery program and was putting

Two Things You Don't Need To Know About Your Partner and 6 Things You DO
Illustrated by Anna Sudit.

Learning all the interesting, hidden things about a new partner is part of the fun of getting into a fresh relationship. And the next step, after discussing the normal hopes, fears, and family stuff, is often an inventory of your past
Not Surprisingly, Sleep Affects Your Relationship Here's How   Science Of Relationships houses everything you need to know about relationships, from attraction to breakup, featuring engaging science-based articles written in a smart, funny, and interesting style. Because, the important things in life deserve data.
Over Cups of Tea: Marigolds and Memories of India Episode 10

Episode 10

My Dearest Friend Nur,

Your Tiger Lily is back after struggling through some unexpected challenges with a very demanding nephew who had been spoiled by my brother and his wife since childhood. I, too, am guilty of spoiling him a bit because Sunny and I had no children. But, who

When I Moved For My Long-Distance Relationship, I Lost A Part Of My Identity   A Practical Wedding is focused on creating a culture that supports laid-back, guilt-free, feminist weddings, marriages, and partnerships. Get useful logistical advice, approachable DIY projects, and more at

By Faz Abdul Gaffa-Marsh

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