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Oye! Relationships

Should I Take Him Back? 2 Questions To Ask


I dated a guy for about one and a half years and while we certainly had our fair share of ups and downs, overall I had thought things were going pretty well between us.

So it surprised me when he broke up with me, without really giving me any

Kids Development: 7 Stages on the Way to Freedom

1. Birth to Six Months:

Birth is the stage of self emancipation and to feel millions of new sensations. Newborn can only communicate by crying. Your child loses the security of his mother’s body and feels helpless even his hands are surprising him as he will take time to learn about his small

Advice for Parents on Managing Stress and Anger

Parenting needs lots of patience. Parents have to becool enough to handle all types of situation especially when it comes to managing the stress and anger. Children don’t ever realize their mistakes, it always the parents who have to deal with it. When you are bringing up children

Episode - 3

Dearest Nur,

I am very happy knowing that you will visit me in Calcutta within a few months and have start dreaming about how we will spend our golden time together. Even Niha and Rohit, my long time cook and driver both of whom I know you remember, are so

5 Fun Outdoor Baby Toys

The kids need to have the essential amount of physical exertion to have the accurate kind of physical growth of the child. These days' children like to play inside on thevideo games and the computer games but that do not give them any health benefit as

3 Tips To Take A Break From Dating


I feel like my frustration with the dating process is making me bitter. Should I take a break or just push through and hope I meet someone?



4 Things Not to Let your Kids Try on Vacation

Everybody wants to have the family fun time every year in his or her lives. You might go on a vacation in the holiday seasons with your family and want to have the greatest fun too. There are certain times you can let your kids go on their own at the time of your vacations to bring

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