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How You Can Be an Ideal Parent?

A child requires attention. A child wants to be listened. He/she should be taught the ways of life in a more polite and kind of calm environment. A child’s future depends on how parents treat him. What kind of society he adapts or what he will like be in the future? It all depends on what

Tips for Finding Child’s Personality - Parents Should Know

Babies are the most exciting little beings who make parents laugh when they are in the utmost stress, or when they are angry at someone. However, this can be vice versa if your child does something wrong by his/her aggressive behavior like knocking down another baby, then it can make your mood

Episode 8   Dearest Nur,

I really had to think about that chant you mentioned,  but finally a couple of nights ago, while watching the old movie, Awara, I actually heard it. It wasn't a chant, but a song from that movie which was made in 1951, just one year

How One Woman Got Her Internet Troll To Come Clean
Photo: Lindy West/Instagram.

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a woman with an opinion must be in want of a troll. Take Lindy West — a writer known for tackling social issues, feminism, and body image — who is beset

Top Tips of Traveling with kids every parents should know

Journeys are beautiful and days are perfect when you are a newlywed couple, though marriage brings a great responsibility when you become parents of young children. Then these beautiful trips are difficult to persist, as toddlers are such beings who cannot do their work by themselves. Thus, you have

Top 12 Tips to Help Your Child Revise

Being a parent is not an easy task. From food to every little thing that your child requires is purely your responsibility to fulfill and same goes for their studies. Every parent wants and works hard in order to see their children successful both in their studies as well as in their


Dearest Friend Nur,

What a shock we have both had. Dr. Ratan Pal, strangled to death in a mysterious “thugee” style murder, and after all these years. What can it mean? The news is still puzzling me. Thank you for letting me know. Tucked away out here in rural Cal, news from the

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