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A Guide to Youth Sports

Engaging themselves in youth sports is something quite mundane for youngsters and physicians are seen recommending and encouraging people in participating in them. This is because youth sports keep their morale high and give them a lot of physical exercise along with inculcating a high sports man

A guide to Parenting in a Digital Age

The era we live in is highly dangerous for youngsters. It becomes very difficult for parents to manage things and parents themselves are so busy with breadwinning and getting hold of a million other things. This kind of busy routine along with many other factors can make your child do

How to Have a Balanced Relationship with Your Domestic Help

The world is becoming fast and multi-tasking has become a common a thing but doing so many things by yourself cuts your time short for other stuff like taking care of the house work and daily chores. If you fail to do all these things then your life is a one big mess.

Either you

Some Facts that New Moms Need to Know

Lil tikes/babies are the biggest joy for a mother. There is no replacement for the adorable smiles or hugs they give you and sheer pride you feel when your baby takes his first step. But this is only the happy side. Taking care of these little munchkins is the toughest job. For all you new moms

The Right Preschool For your Child

As tough a task parenting is, choosing the right institute for your child can be invigoratingly tough as well. Pre-school is an important school for your child. It helps the child define his basics in education and also helps him build his character and personality. Thus it is imperative for parents

Parent and Child relationship in Islam

As the month of Ramadan commences, it is important for all parents to note the basic duties towards our young ones and their duties towards us as preached by Islam. Islam, like all religion, being a religion of peace preaches certain obligations to elders for their young pupils and in the

Mothers and their kids in Ramadan

In the blessed month of Ramadan, you know perfectly well that it is going to get very hard for all you mothers out there to cope up with a changing routine along with your children. Waking up earlier for Sahoor preparations, putting your children to bed and then getting them to wake up to go to

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