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Rules for a Happy Marriage

Follow the rules to make your marriage go stronger and happy. By adapting very simple habits you can have a happy married life.

Don’t Lose that Sexy Factor:

Wedding is the best time to rev things up. Words are as effective to set the mood then actions. Show her (or him)

Tips on How to Make Your Marriage Stronger

Well exchanging gifts with each other is just a one way of expressing love, there are many other factors that could bring real harmony and balance in your married life.

In order to improve the overall quality of married life the couple requires to stay

5 Secrets to Raising a Happy Child

Raising a kid is a hell of a responsibility at parent’s part and each of the parent want to do the best for their kids.

Gone are the days when the gender mattered to parents, now what parents want is a healthy child.

When kids are growing parents start planning in which school they will be


Dearest Nur,

I received your lovely letter more than a month ago. I was not well for a few weeks suffering from severe cold. As per my doctor's advice I had to take plenty of rest. You know how Niha is taking care of me! I feel very lucky having her in my life. Now I am doing much better

Screen Smart Parents: Tips

Screen time is here to stay… but to keep kids safe and healthy, here’s what you can do.

1. Know when it’s too early: Two years; Screen time is not recommended before 2 years of age.

2. Know when it’s too much: Two hours; Understand the full range of media in your child’s life and

A Guide to Youth Sports

Engaging themselves in youth sports is something quite mundane for youngsters and physicians are seen recommending and encouraging people in participating in them. This is because youth sports keep their morale high and give them a lot of physical exercise along with inculcating a high sports man

A guide to Parenting in a Digital Age

The era we live in is highly dangerous for youngsters. It becomes very difficult for parents to manage things and parents themselves are so busy with breadwinning and getting hold of a million other things. This kind of busy routine along with many other factors can make your child do

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