Asking Men About Feminism

I can’t say I am terribly surprised by most of these responses, but the reason that men think these things and feel comfortable giving these responses is because women don’t self-identify as feminists. They hide that tidbit of information. The result is clear: the stereotypes of man-hating lesbians persists. The best way to combat this is for all feminists to come out of the closet. LGBT did it and they are gaining acceptance; feminists need to follow their lead.

I always make sure to tell the men I know the feminism is good for them because women who identify as feminists are often far more comfortable with their sexuality than other women and for the many men, this is a good thing. I personally try and sneak the f-word into conversations with men I don’t know so that it isn’t such a big deal. I try not to be militant because I accept that that sort of behaviour is unattractive, no matter what the cause. Unfortunately for me, I feel very passionately about the things I believe in, so it is hard to not convey that passion. At the end of the day, I go after what I want and if a guy can’t cope, I’d rather find out on the first date than months down the road.

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