Kim Kardashian’s Appearance On Big Fan Eerily Foreshadows Her Robbery

Monday’s episode of ABC’s new game show Big Fan, in which fans compete in celebrity trivia games against the stars themselves, centered on Kim Kardashian. Though it was filmed before she was held at gunpoint in Paris, several moments in the show eerily seemed to allude to the reality star’s robbery.

As part of the trivia, the show’s host Andy Richter asked how many carats Kim’s engagement ring is— the first item the thieves took, according to her police report.

Kim got this one wrong, saying it’s 12 carats when it’s actually 16. “We got the information from Kanye, so maybe he upped the number,” Richter joked.

Colt, the fan who competed with Kim, turned out to know more about her life than she did. The prize was a selfie with Kardashian in front of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the city where her robbery took place.

Of course, as Us Weekly notes, Kim’s robbery happened after the Big Fan filming. The episode now serves as a surreal reminder of a more innocent time in the life of the star, who is just now starting to reemerge into the public eye following the incident.

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