Lifetime’s “Britney Ever After” Watch Out Sam Lufti Will Be Watching!

Britney Spears fans are NOT happy about the casting for Lifetime’s TV movie “Britney Ever After” – they gripe that the actors don’t look like their real life counterparts. They’re right, but that won’t stop Brit’s fans from watching. One thing the movie producers DO have to watch out for is Sam Lufti. You might remember he is the questionable guy who oozed himself into Britney’s life when she was so vulnerable and declared himself her “manager.” Lufti has a history of restraining orders, lawsuits, and temperamental outbursts. He sued Britney’s family for “slander” – they called him a low-life drug dealer – and he collected SIX figures in a settlement. Lufti went on to insert himself into the lives of Amanda Bynes and Courtney Love – but those are other stories. If he doesn’t like how he’s portrayed in this TV movie (and there’s no WAY it could be flattering) producers and Lifetime will be hearing from his lawyer!

Above, Natasha Bassett as Britney
Photo: Lifetime

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