Bad Chad Says He’s Returning To Bachelor In Paradise

One of Bachelor Nation’s biggest villains will be looking for love in a tropical paradise — and it’s not Corinne (yet).

Chad Johnson, more commonly known as Bad Chad because of his aggressive behavior, has told Us Weekly that he’s returning for the fourth season of Bachelor in Paradise. Viewers may remember that JoJo Fletcher’s Bachelorette castoff was sent packing during season 3 for passing out drunk and being verbally abusive. To really scorch that earth, he uttered the words “fuck you, Chris Harrison” and threatened to murder everyone.

And yet… he’s been invited back. Thanks, ABC. Why not just fly in Leonard from the #HurtBae video while you’re at it?

The show has yet to announce the rest of its cast, though Johnson has his eye on a few women.

“{There are] too many to mention, really, based upon looks,” he told Us. “But when it comes to contestants on these shows, you never know what they’re truly like until you’ve met them in person.”

Indeed. Let’s see if he can avoid crapping his swimsuit this time.

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