“Real Housewife” Melissa And Joe Gorga Don’t Exactly Live The Simple Life

What a way to start the day! We visited The Realestalker and were greeted with photos of Melissa and Joe Gorga’s ostentatious house, which was just put up for sale. The Real Housewife of New Jersey is asking 3.8 million for the incredibly gaudy “European influenced” mcmansion. The place IS big – 13,500 sq ft, 6 bedrooms, 7 baths (and a recording studio) but not well thought out, and every surface seems to be gilded or marbled to the max. It’s enough to make an architect’s stomach turn. Speculation abounds that Melissa and Joe just MIGHT be moving to LA so she can pursue her “singing career.” They could be in for a big surprise when they realize they will have to pay around 3 times as much for a home like this in LA. Maybe Sylvester Stallone has a house he can sell them.

Photos via: The Realestalker

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