Melissa Gorga Another Fake New Jersey Housewife!

We just had to laugh when we learned that Melissa and Joe Gorga are too broke to make their mortgage payments and THAT’S why they just put their New Jerseymcmansion up for sale for 3.8 million. It seems like all these Real Housewives of New Jersey are anything but real. According to Radaronline, Melissa and Joe were living in a modest $500,000 house with 3 bedrooms and 2 baths before she was cast on the show. Joe had built the gaudy mansion on spec, hoping to find a buyer. As a builder, he got an interest free loan for a certain period of time until he sold the house. When his wife was cast on Housewives, they decided to move into the big house so they’d look wealthier than they are. And they ran up a LOT of bills keeping up the image. Now the interest free period on the loan is over and they can’t afford the huge payments so they have to sell. We wonder if exposure on the show will make the house sell faster…

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