Vogue Has No Damn Reason To Apologize For This Photo!

In fact, Vogue should DEFEND this photo of Kendall Jenner to the ends of the earth! Since WHEN is a white model not allowed to have curly hair? Exactly WHO is accusing the magazine of “cultural appropriation” – which in itself is an ABSURD notion. Everyone knows that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and being inspired by other cultures BRINGS PEOPLE TOGETHER. These online trolls look for something to complain about, love to stir up trouble just for fun, and should be IGNORED! Vogue – stand up for yourself – you did NOTHING wrong, and shame, shame, shame on the press for making this an issue and giving those ethically challenged trolls publicity!

PS Lets drop “cultural appropriation” from our vocabulary immediately! Cultural exchange is a GOOD thing.

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