The Billionaire Zuckerbergs No Conspicuous Consumption Here

The polar opposite of Kim K and Kanye West are our new favorite newlyweds- the unpretentious Zuckerbergs. Imagine being more interested in your WORK than material status symbols! Priscilla Chan is a billionaire’s wife who has never been seen lugging a $100,000 Kelly bag or wearing Louboutin shoes! She walked down the aisle in a $4,700 dress and her wedding ring cost a paltry $25,000! Their modest wedding featured $7.50 burritos on the menu. She’s no trophy wife or pampered princess – now that Priscilla has earned her medical degree from UC, she plans to work as a pediatrician. Obviously Silicon Valley is producing a whole new breed of brilliant but likeable and admirable billionaires with old-fashioned work ethics. They’re a credit to America.

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