Mary J Blige: Charitable Or Greedy

Call us pessimistic, but we’re starting to think that most celebrity namesake charities are all about stashing money to avoid paying taxes while living high on the hog. The recent Mary J Blige scandal is a prime example. Dedicated to“women’s empowerment,” the charity promised four year scholarships to 24 aspiring female students but couldn’t manage to cover tuitions OR pay their own bills, despite raising hundreds of thousands of dollars. Are these charities just used to finance first class travel and lavish expenses for the celebrities and friends, plus generous salaries for relatives hired to run the “business?” What percentage of donations actually HELPED anyone? Certainly Blige enjoyed her “charitable image” and is embarrassed that she was caught. Why did Gucci donate both to Blige and Madonna’s highly questionable charities? Smells like a tax write-off for everyone involved.

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