Keanu Reeves: You Never Know Who’ll Sit Next To You On The Subway

The last time we saw Keanu Reeves, 47, on the New York subway was in December, when somebody secretly filmed him with an iPhone. Keanu offered his seat to a woman carrying a large bag and she accepted without realizing who he was. The snippet of film got Keanu a lot of praise for his good manners. Polite celebrities are always a delight, (Are you listening Lindsay?) Keanu credits his manners to his English mother. The photo above of Keanu reading the newspaper on the subway was lifted from Facebook. 23 years after the first “Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure,” a third film is actually in the works. The reclusive Keanu also has a fantasy action film “47 Ronin” coming out in February.

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  1. The vcomment_IDeo was really cute. I’ve done that before, too–passed a celebrity’s band members without knowing who they were. The guys spoke to me and we had a little mundane chat. The lead guitarist even asked me, “Do you know who we are?” The guys all grinned. At the time, I couldn’t understand why he would ask me that question. Later, I figured it out. I’m such a ditz.

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