Tom Cruise And Katie Holmes Broke Up Because Of Suri And Scientology

We were NOT completely surprised by the Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes split that was announced today because it was inevitable. It’s all about Suri. She just turned six and it’s time for major educational decisions to be made. So far, she’s been homeschooled by Tom’s two Scientology sisters who always live nearby, and they also tutored his other two children. Katie’s not happy with that. She wants Suri to have the same memorable school and educational experiences that SHE had, and be more of a normal kid. She can see that Tom’s other children are hampered by their minimal education. Katie’s lawyer announced that “Katie’s concern is her daughter‘s best interest.” And she means it. Katie and Suri were surrounded by Tom’s Scientology family and all their Scientology housekeepers, bodyguards, nannies, etc. every day – she rarely spent time with her husband alone. That’s not the world she wants Suri to grow up in.

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