The Scientology Cult Is Imploding As You Read This

Scientology is crumbling before our very eyes and we couldn’t be happier! Their treasured high profile celebrity members are rapidly losing their luster! First Lisa Maria Presley distanced herself from the cult and wrote a song critical of them. She’s considered OUT. Then John Travolta’s secret gay sex life was revealed as lawsuits poured in charging him with various sexual aggressions against other men- mosty masseurs. A former pilot is writing a book about his long love affair with Travolta in the 80’s – if Scientologists don’t pay him off. Now the Pride of the Cult – Tom Cruise- is being divorced by his disillusioned wife Katie Holmes, who doesn’t want her daughter raised in the cult. As for Kirstie Alley – her Organic Liaisons Scientology diet program doesn’t seem to be working – she’s packing on the pounds again. David Miscavige must be tearing his hair out. Time to bring in the IRS! (Above, Time magazine expose from 1991 – for years the cult tormented the writers.)

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