Enemy Of The Church Katie Holmes Is Smarter Than Tom Cruise Realized

The more her story unfolds, the more we are filled with admiration for Katie Holmes and her meticulous preparation before splitting with Tom. It took months of planning. And it IS a very scary situation with the Scientologists involved. Despite being surrounded by Scientologists all day– bodyguards, nannies, housekeepers, drivers, and Tom’s family, Katie managed to slip away and set up a secret place for herself to live with Suri after she filed for divorce. She did her research and chose to file in New York where she is more likely to be granted sole custody of Suri. California tends to split custody between two parents but New York courts believe it’s in the child’s best interest to have ONE parent make decisions and avoid fighting. As we told you, the divorce is all about Suri‘s future – Katie doesn’t care about the money, she wants her daughter to have a normal life. Katie filed when Tom was out of town filming and couldn’t confront her. Certainly her family must have been supporting Katie as she prepared to file for divorce. Now that she has been declared an Enemy of the Church – anything can happen. We wonder if Nicole Kidman will reach out to her. This whole story would make an exciting and inspiring movie.

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