Casting Call For “what Ever Happened To Baby Jane?” Remake

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This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

Casting Call For “what Ever Happened To Baby Jane?” Remake

The 1962 gruesome cult movie “What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?” is in the works for a remake directed, for some reason, by Walter Hill. Hill is best known for his macho action movies and westerns. Evidently he wants a change of pace. As you may recall “Baby Jane” is about two sisters fallen on hard times. Jane, played by Bette Davis, was a former child star, and Blanche, played by JoanCrawford, was a former movie queen. Jane had degenerated into a slatternlyalcoholic who dressed like a ten year old, and Blanche was helpless in a wheelchair from an auto accident. They were forced to live together in a decaying Hollywood mansion in Hancock Park. So let’s throw out some casting ideas!! Of course, Faye Dunaway is everybody’s first choice for Blanche, but if she says no – how about Jessica Lange or Charlotte Rampling? (Actually Faye could play either role.) As for Jane, we could imagine Kathy Bates or Kirstie Alley in the part. Any suggestions out there?

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