The Mystery Of Sage Stallone’s Untimely Death

The death of Sage Stallone, 36, (probably an accidental drug overdose) is a tragic story but conflicting reports at this time are puzzling, indeed. It’s unclear whether he lived in a house or apartment in Studio City, but he may have been dead for a week before his body was found. TMZ reports that Sage lived a Howard Hughes life and barricaded himself in his bedroom. His room was reportedly filthy – littered with beer and soda cans, cigarette butts, old food and an awful smell. He had a number of bottles full of pills. Yet, he had a housekeeper who was forbidden to enter his room when she cleaned his place. Sage had become a director and producer and had two movie companies, but is said to have run into financial problems recently. A source told the New York Post he wouldn’t ask his father for money. Sage’s lawyer insists that he was in good spirits, working on all kinds of projects, and planning on getting MARRIED! One report said that Sage’s mom sent the housekeeper to check on him and found the body, another source says his girlfriend found him. We don’t know WHAT to believe, but we feel very bad for his family.
(Photo above: Sage with his uncle Frank Stallone)

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