The Jackson Mystery Deepens: Where Is Latoya

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This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

The Jackson Mystery Deepens: Where Is Latoya

WHERE IS LATOYA? Since the money hungry Jackson family started taking sides against each other, LaToya has been conspicuously absent. And she’s not in the habit of keeping quiet. Remember, after Michael died, La Toya announced that he had been “murdered!” She did not sign the infamous letter requesting that Michael’s estate executors be replaced by family members, nor was she involved in the “kidnapping” of Katherine, or the physical altercation at the Jackson home Monday. Frankly, we were very surprised to see Janet involved in this buffoonery. LaToya’s silence through all of this is puzzling. We can only think of one reason that would keep her from commenting profusely at this time – perhaps she is recovering from some cosmetic procedure and cannot be seen. Otherwise she’d be in the middle of it all! La Toya, hurry up and heal! We need to know where you stand!

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