Rocketman Reveals Elton John To Be An Awful Human Being, But See It Anyway

Through the years we enjoyed a few of Elton John’s songs, but never thought about him one way or the other. Elton was known to be litigious and never seemed to have much of a sense of humor about himself. But Rocketman changed everything. The movie is totally fun and very entertaining – obviously destined to become a Broadway musical. But we can never look at Elton the same way again – he was revealed to be a person of such despicable character. Despite his monumental success, he blamed his parents for his chronic unhappiness and through the years was ill-tempered, shockingly self indulgent in every way, with a total disregard for others, and little or no gratitude. Yet he whined incessantly that he couldn’t find love! Finally, Elton couldn’t stop patting himself on the back for joining AA! We exited Rocketman with a very negative opinion of Elton John – ironically, he admitted it was accurate.
Photo: Paramount

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