Kristen’s Cheating Might Be The Best Thing That’s Happened To Rob Pattinson

Granted, we’re trying to make Rob Pattinson feel better, but there IS an upside if Rob cannot forgive Kristen Stewart for cheating and they call the whole thing off. Rob has always been desperately uncomfortable in the limelight, and since he and his Twilight costar started dating, they have been a HUGE TARGET for paparazzi. Together as a couple, their photos are worth big money. Separately, not so much. If Rob gets a new girlfriend NOT in the business, the first photos will pull in some money, but after that, value goes down. That means Rob will cease being continuously stalked and have some PRIVACY in his life – something he’s been wanting. No more sunglasses and baseball caps! So even if his romance with Kristen is over, he might be happier in some ways.

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