Fatherhood Has Not Been Easy For Warren Beatty And Transgender Son

Casanova Warren Beatty had to be dragged into marriage and fatherhood, but he never imagined it would become THIS complicated! The Enquirerrevealed that Warren and Annette Bening’s outspoken daughter Kathlynshocked them when she announced at the age of 14 that she wanted to become a male. Kathlyn, now enrolled at Sarah Lawrence College, changed her name to Stephen and began the transgender process by having her breasts removed. Annette finally convinced Warren to accept Stephen as he is. Imagine their astonishment when Stephen recently acquired a boyfriend and now has decided he wants to experience childbirth! As mixed up as Stephen might be, at least he’s still getting a good education. Can’t help but wonder what Stephen’s equally outspoken aunt Shirley MacLaine has to say about all this.

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