John F Kennedy Jr: Up Close And Personal

Next week is the anniversary of the tragic death of John Kennedy Jr, and we wonder where he would have been today politically, had he survived. We would have voted for him because he made such a favorable impression when we met him (back in the late 80’s or early 90’s.) We were dressed to kill at the underground LA nightclub Flaming Colossus, and the main room was very crowded and smokey. Across the room we noticed someone was wearing a pair of DECK SHOES. Deck shoes at this funky club! We HAD to see who it was, and it turned out to be drop-dead gorgeous John F Kennedy Jr! He was with a couple of friends and his east coast apparel stood out among the black-clad scenesters. At the time we wrote the gossip column for Star Magazine, so we immediately struck up a conversation. John could NOT have been nicer. As he was on his way out, we followed him to the car valet, peppering him with questions. He remained totally charming, had perfect manners, and never lost his cool – with a TABLOID journalist! John waved goodbye and left us wanting more…

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