Ryan Gosling: Why Feminists And Other Women Swoon

Ryan Gosling has firmly established himself as a feminist icon and has a number of websites devoted to his socially correct-without–trying ideas and behavior. Now a BOOK has been released on the subject “Feminist Ryan Gosling: Feminist Theory as Imagined From Your Favorite Sensitive Movie Dude” by Danielle Henderson. Certainly, droves of women are attracted to the actor, perhaps without realizing EXACTLY why. Without being obvious, he supports women and can identify with them. Here are a few examples: He LOVES his rescue dog George, above, and carries him whenever necessary (like on an escalator.) Gosling protests Hollywood’s double standards when sex scenes are gender biased. He openly talks about wanting children and loves his mother. He doesn’t date Russian models – his girlfriends, such as Rachel McAdams, Sandra Bullock, and Eva Mendes, have all been respectable and older than him. Without TRYING, he’s inspired a new form of highly desirable male feminism and it has served him well.

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